PRESS RELEASE -- (12/16/19)

Customizable Comedy App Revolutionizes the Comedian/Audience Relationship. 

For Immediate Release: 

StandApp generates a Unique Comic Line-Up for everyone, matching exactly your sense of humor thru interactive preferences! 

Unlimited Comedy from Comedians Worldwide!

Fresh Comedy Selfies are posted from comics around the world every day to our Comedy Playlists, and presented in order of their Funny Score. 

Comedians everywhere - professional, semi-professional and amateurs - can perform their comedy from anywhere - the stage is with you always, right in your pocket.

 StandApp is the portable comedy club.     

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StandApp generates comedy that has never existed before by empowering a new generation of comedians to perform their material, from their phone to the world.

StandApp generates laugher. It is a new stage for people to share their jokes with the online global audience. There’s an untapped source of millions of comedians out there, driving trucks and waiting tables, who could be as funny as Carlin or Pryor, if given the chance to perform for an audience. 

Now there’s StandApp. 

Comedians can win money from StandApp’s weekly Comedy Contests, 

with a new joke subject announced every week. 

Audiences can enjoy Unlimited Free Comedy videos, and spend all day laughing by viewing ONLY material they will enjoy, thru StandApp’s filters:

- Uncensored or Clean Language?

- Mature or Family Friendly?

- Liberal? Conservative?

- Happy? Dark?

Or block any of these subjects: Sex, Religion, Politics?

Your own personal comedy club.

Your kind of comedy. Every time. 

Served fresh.  Every day. 

Using StandApp, audiences can discover new hilarious comics they would never know otherwise. Our revolutionary “laugh-o-meter” algorithm delivers to our audience the funniest comedy of the day through a democratic voting system. Here anyone can become the World’s Funniest Stand Up Comic!
Laugh all day from notifications when your favorite comedians from around the world  have posted a new bit. Hear fresh material to inspire and make friends and colleagues laugh! 

Comedians receive notifications when someone laughs at their joke around the world. 

StandApp offers 20 Hilarious Playlists:- Political- Love and Sex- Parenting- Observational- Toilet Humor- Stoner Humor- Young Comedians- Old comedians- Philosophical- Duos- Impressions- Faces- Pantomime- Liquor Humor- Animal Humor- High Brow- Short Bits- Slapstick- Surreal
Stand-App Comedy Selfies is Comedy by the people, for the people. 

Quote from StandApp’s founder, Rudi Azank: 
     “It is not just an app for professional stand up comedians to use to get their material out there. It is for all those silly people out there, who would have been stand up comedians if life had gone a different way, and it’s their dream they always wish they could be doing.  In countless interviews with comedians you hear the same thing, from Jerry Seinfeld to Jim Carrey, “you should have heard my father. He was REALLY funny. I was never nearly as funny as him”. It is a new form of stand up comedy, a new way of performing and experiencing stand up comedy. Humor is temporary in its nature, but it doesn’t have to be. Humor fades in time, but StandApp keeps making ‘em laugh. Our database catalogues permanently the comedy of every registered Stand-App Comedian for the world’s amusement and good humor. So that my children’s children can also laugh at my dad’s jokes.”

StandApp makes available today for download its free App, on the App Store & Google Play, 

free for all to watch and perform. 

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Website:’s a comedy revolution.